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Little Hector and the Big Idea book coverBy Ruth Paul

Our 0 – 2 Kiwi Book Club pack for October features Little Hector and the Big Idea by New Zealand writer and illustrator Ruth Paul.

In his second adventure, Little Hector takes on a huge challenge – fishing nets and plastic rubbish are endangering his beautiful bay. The situation seems impossible when, suddenly, the tiny dolphin has a big idea…

Little Hector schemes to stop his bay being spoiled with bottles, bags, and dangerous tangling nets in this sparkling sequel to Little Hector and the Big Blue Whale.

Little Hector’s games with his friends keep getting spoilt. When it’s not by dangling, tangling fishing nets, it’s by a mess of plastic trash. He wants to make the bay safe for all the marine creatures to play in again — but how will one little dolphin tackle such a BIG problem?

Dinosaur Hunter book cover By David Hill & Phoebe Morris

The 3 – 6 year Kiwi Book Club pack for October features this excellent true story of a New Zealand Dinosaur Hunter.

Meet Joan Wiffen, a super-determined, self-taught palaeontologist, and join her on the hunt for the fossils that will prove New Zealand once had dinosaurs.

The remarkable true story of science superstar Joan Wiffen, whose fossil discoveries proved that dinosaurs lived in ancient New Zealand.

Once there was a clever girl who liked searching for interesting things on the ground. She wanted to know why shells could be found in rocks so far away from the sea. But her father thought education was no use to a girl, so Joan had to leave school.

Many years later, she bought an old map. To her amazement, she saw that it marked a treasure hoard. Not of gold and jewels, but of dinosaur bones.

Nobody had ever found dinosaur fossils in New Zealand before – in fact, top scientists had said it was impossible. But Joan was intrigued. She decided to learn everything she could about palaeontology and hunt for these dinosaur fossils.

This is the fifth picture book in an acclaimed series of true stories about the lives of famous Kiwis written by David Hill and magnificently illustrated by Phoebe Morris.

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By Heather Haylock, Lael Chisholm

Our March 2019 shipment for 3 to 6 years contains this wonderful story about Granny McFlitter.

Granny McFlitter, the champion . . . bull fighter?

Granny McFlitter, our favourite champion knitter, is back! And this time, it’s to save the A&P Show. Can Granny outwit – or should we say outknit – a rampaging bull?

“Ole!” Granny cried, as the cape flapped around.
The bull steamed and snorted and pawed at the ground.

Granny McFlitter’s knitting needles have been in a blur, whipping up an entry for the local A&P Show’s ‘Best Vegetable Knitter’ competition.

But all of a sudden, the A&P Show turns to chaos when a bull breaks out of his pen. Before you could say “Mighty mad macho moo”, he’s trampling pavlovas and sponge cakes.

Everyone dives for cover – but not Granny McFlitter. She has a plan to capture the bull with – you guessed it – her knitting needles!

A brand new, fabulously funny, rhyming read-aloud story from acclaimed author Heather Haylock and Storylines Gavin Bishop Award-winning illustrator Lael Chisholm.



Heather Laycock – Author

Heahter Laycock

As a child, Heather Haylock could often be found reading a book while sitting on her horse, or perched way up high in a tree. She lives in Auckland where she has the best task in the world – helping five year olds learn to read books too. (But in a classroom, not on a horse or in a tree.)
Heather loves the challenge of knitting words into stories. She is the author of Granny McFlitter the Champion Knitter, which was published in 2018 and shortlisted for the Best Picture Book category of the New Zealand Book Awards for Children and Young Adults. Now, thanks to her research for Granny McFlitter, Heather is also able to knit yarn into jumpers. If you want to find her, try looking up. She may be reading or writing a book, or knitting a jumper, way up high in a tree.


Lael Chisholm has loved drawing ever since she was old enough to hold a pencil. After years of scribbling and doodling at school, home and any other place where a pen and paper was handy, she decided to call her scrawls art, and to share them with the world. Nowadays she spends her free time drawing at her home in Feilding, New Zealand.


By Sacha Cotter, illustrated by Josh Morgan

In this story about being true to oneself, a boy searches for the secret to doing the perfect bomb into the water. With training from Nan, an expert and former champion, and by listening to his own voice, he finds his unique style and pulls off a wonderful, acrobatic, truly awe-inspiring bomb.

Sacha Cotter is a writer, librarian and teacher. Josh Morgan (Te Aitanga-a-Mahaki, Rongowhakaata) is an illustrator, writer and designer.

Sacha and Josh have previously collaborated on two picture books: Keys/Nga Ki and The Marble Maker/Te Kaihanga Mapere. Keys was a finalist in the picture book category and Nga Ki was winner of the Maori Language Award of the New Zealand Book Awards for Children and Young Adults 2015.
Nga Ki also won Te Tohu Taurapa Award in the LIANZA Children’s Book Awards 2015 and was selected or the IBBY Honour List in 2016. Te Kaihanga Mapere won Te Kura Pounamu award of the New Zealand Book Awards for Children and Young Adults 2017.

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Hero Of The SeaSir Peter Blake’s Mighty Ocean Quests.
By David Hill, illustrated by Phoebe Morris

Hero of the Sea is a stunning biographical picture book for young readers about Sir Peter Blake, world-renowned New Zealand yachtsman, adventurer and environmentalist.

Sir Peter Blake’s life was filled with amazing adventures.  During his 30-year career on the ocean he sailed around the globe, won the world’s most famous races and broke world records.  Even his trademark red socks became a national sensation! But no matter how many trophies Peter won, he always knew the survival of our planet was far more important.

This illustrated picture book by acclaimed author David Hill and illustrator Phoebe Morris, tells the remarkable story of a true Kiwi hero.

Being that I’m still in possession of my original pair of the iconic red socks, this book immediately grabbed my attention.  It soon became obvious however, that this was far more than just the story of the red socks!  The book begins by describing Peter as a normal Kiwi kid and shows the readers that with a bit of hard work and ingenuity, anyone can grow up to do incredible things.

The book goes on to tell of Blake’s environmentalism work and continuation his continuation in racing around the world.  We then learn all about about Blake’s adventures aboard the Seamaster, and ultimately, his untimely demise at the hands of pirates in the Amazon.

Meet Flit The Fantail!Flit The Fantail And The Flying Flop

This is a beautiful story of co-operation and team work between New Zealand native birds.  Join Flit The Fantail as he attempts his first flight from the nest (against advice), and find out how he makes it home with the help of some new found friends.

A stunning book, with a fantastic kiwi flavour!  Flit The Fantail And The Flying Flop is part of our October 2018 subscription pack.  Also included is a Flit The Fantail colouring in sheet and fun sheet.

Flit is an adorable wee fantail chick who is a little too adventurous for his own good. He attempts his first flight, against the advice of his parents, and ends up on the forest floor. His friends lend a hand to help get him back to his nest before his parents get home, but it doesn’t go exactly to plan. – Kat Merewether, Author and Illustrator


Introducing the star of the October Kiwi Book Club …. Little Hector!

Little Hector And The Big Blue WhaleFrom award-winning picture book creator Ruth Paul comes a new series about a plucky little dolphin called Little Hector and his big adventures.

Little Hector is a small but daring dolphin, who swims out into the deep blue ocean. He meets many dangers — and an unlikely friend — and proves you are never too small to have BIG adventures.

Children will love meeting Little Hector and his friends, and will also learn how we can help to look after our precious marine environment and its inhabitants.

A delightful picture book that includes seals, sting-rays, orca and the blue whale within our New Zealand ocean to educate your little family members – along with a language rich tale. – Sue’s Reviews, Wairarapa Times-Age Weekend