Flit The Fantail And The Flying Flop

Meet Flit The Fantail!Flit The Fantail And The Flying Flop

This is a beautiful story of co-operation and team work between New Zealand native birds.  Join Flit The Fantail as he attempts his first flight from the nest (against advice), and find out how he makes it home with the help of some new found friends.

A stunning book, with a fantastic kiwi flavour!  Flit The Fantail And The Flying Flop is part of our October 2018 subscription pack.  Also included is a Flit The Fantail colouring in sheet and fun sheet.

Flit is an adorable wee fantail chick who is a little too adventurous for his own good. He attempts his first flight, against the advice of his parents, and ends up on the forest floor. His friends lend a hand to help get him back to his nest before his parents get home, but it doesn’t go exactly to plan. – Kat Merewether, Author and Illustrator

About Author Illustrator Kat Merewether

Kat Mereweather

Kat Merewether’s passion for all things children’s books and illustration is apparent throughout all her works to date.

Gaining inspiration and critique from her own three, sparkling offspring, her honest accounts from a birds eye view are endearing to readers of all ages.

She is quintessentially Kiwi, which erupts through her quirky illustrations, on which she spends thirty plus hours for each delicious spread.

Kat extends herself to play an ambassador role for the very appropriately chosen, Kiwis for kiwis, which supports human Kiwis to support native kiwi conservation projects, New Zealand wide.

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