By Kirsty Wadsworth Illustrated by Munro Te Whata

Hana and her best friend Puanga have adventures together throughout the summer, spring and autumn months. But in the winter, they are stuck in front of the fire, huddling to keep warm. When Hana shares with Puanga that their village is suffering from the bitter winters and never seem prepared for them, Puanga goes quiet. Puanga tells her she is really a star. She used to live with her cousins, the Matariki sisters up in the sky. Puanga explains that they’re too low for people to see them from here, because they’re surrounded by hills and mountains. She offers to go back up into the sky to be a special sign (a shining star) so that the people of Aotearoa who can’t see the Matariki sisters can see her and know that winter is coming soon. Hana hugs her friend goodbye, sad that she is leaving but knowing it will make life easier for her town.

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