Kiwi Christmas Book Box


There are a huge amount of Christmas books available for children but not many of them are relatable to what a New Zealand child would call Christmas, this is why we love New Zealand Christmas books!

The Kiwi Christmas Book Box has 5 of our favourite NZ Christmas themed books all from NZ authors and illustrators. It includes a limited edition, hardback version of A Kiwi Night Before Christmas by Yvonne Morrison and Deborah Hinde, as well as a very hard to find version of A Perfect Chirpy Christmas from Kyle Mewburn and Patrick McDonald (See below for Details).

Plus the pack includes a couple of little surprises inside!

This pack is valued at over $140 retail value and will make a wonderful addition to any family Christmas for years to come.

Product Description

This Christmas Book Box contains:

The Lonely Little Tree A New Zealand Christmas Story
Hardback Edition
By: Kirby Moya and Terri Baynton
A tiny tree stands all alone on the edge of a felled forest. Whispering winds swirl, and native birds gather around, bringing gifts of blossoms and berries to adorn the lonely little tree… what a magical sight on this Christmas night.

The Christmas Tree Tangle
Special foil cover edition
By Margaret Mahy
Goodness gracious, what do I see? The kitten has climbed the Christmas tree! Climbed so high and climbed so farTo cling with her claws to the Christmas star.Help! A cute little kitten has managed to scale to the very top of the town’s Christmas tree. The cat climbs up to rescue her, followed by the dog, the goat and the pigs. Amid squealing, bleating, barking and mewing, the clever little kitten climbs her way back down the tree, leaving all of her rescuers stuck! Margaret Mahy is internationally recognised as one of the all-time best writers for young readers, and this exuberant Christmas tale is a festive treasure for every bookshelf. Full of humour, it is sure to delight readers young and old for many years to come.

A Kiwi Night Before Christmas
Limited Edition Hardback
By Yvonne Morrison and Deborah Hinde (Illustrator)
When Santa turns up on a tractor pulled by sheep, wearing a singlet and shorts, you just know you’re in for a lot of fun with this quintessentially Kiwi version of Clement Moore’s classic poem. This also comes in a board book format which is great for smaller hands

A Perfect Chirpy Christmas
Hard to find book
By Kyle Mewburn and Patrick McDonald (Illustrator)
A beautiful, gentle Christmas story, with the message being that it’s family and friends that are most important.
Flit longs to have a white Christmas with snowbirds, ice-skating and sleigh bells. You can’t have these in the warm south so he travels far to the northern hemisphere where he hopes to have the perfect Christmas.
It’s not that easy and Flit learns to share with others. His Christmas holds all the magic he wished for, but it’s still not right. Back home he delights in his southern hemisphere Christmas with family and friends.

The Christmas Caravan
by Jennifer Beck and Robyn Belton (Illustrator)
Young Simon reads of such a competition and decides to enter the tiny caravan he and his mother share in the local caravan park. The other people in the park watch as Simon collects the rubbish that has marred their surroundings and, along with his mother’s help, turns the waste into decorations for his little home. While the story goes on to follow Simon and his mum as they first wait then demand the council consider their entry, we see that the caravan park has changed. The grounds are tidy and the rubbish recycled into useful adornments. When the Mayor finally comes to see what they have done he realises the change Simon’s entry has made and acknowledges his efforts by giving the small family, and their caravan, a holiday at the beach. The two have a wonderful time, Mum finds a job and a new home. But the caravan continues to be an icon of Christmas and conservation all year round.