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By Linda Jane Keegan Illustrated by Minky Stapleton

Things in the sea are touching me! is a story about two mothers and their daughter at the beach. They find their favourite spot and go for a swim. The young girl suddenly feels something graze her feet and cries out, “Look in the water, Ma! Golly, oh gee! Some thing in the sea is touching me!” Her Ma reassures her it is just a small crab and suggests they watch it and see where it goes. When the girl wades up to her belly she finds herself wading through jelly and yells out her catch-cry again. Ma tells her they are just salps and won’t bother her at all. While diving under water she feels something bumping her thigh. Again she yells out something is touching her. Her Ma tells her it is only a seed pod from mangroves close by. When swimming out deeper she feels something slide over her arm and calls out to her mother again. Her Ma shows her it is just kelp and from then on she ignores things touching her elbow or her shin. Then Ma rushes out of the water, screeching out that something is touching her. The little girl laughs and says, “Don’t worry, Ma … that thing is just Mum!”


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